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Masticationpedia is charitable nonprofit organization that operates in dentistry medical research, particularly focusing on the field of the neurophysiology of the masticatory system.
General development of new neurological diagnostics and therapeutic paths is growing very fast acheving so far important results, while in dentistry a similar research has yet to reach a comparable depth, especially in regards to new concepts and techniques that should establish a satisfactory link between the two disciplines. These technologies and methodologies can bring advantages to differential diagnosis for organic and functional pathologies of the masticatory system, as well as for demyelinating diseases and brain tumors, senile dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases.
We assume that dental and neurological symptoms can be overlapped and modern clinical observation shall not be limited to the mouth only, hence a timely and proper differential diagnosis of orofacial pain or orofacial and mandibular neuromotor disorders becomes a critical action to be taken. Our primarly focus and main target of our effort is the investigation of mastication's neurophysiology, in particular the so-called Neuro Gnathological Functions (NGF). Other fields would become of interest in the future, depending on the studies that we will be able to stimulate, and might be added as a supplemental field of research.
Masticationpedia was established to embody the long-time collaboration among a group of several private certified professional and researchers who are already working together on this scientific subject. Results which have been already achieved needs now a wider scientific inter-disciplinary community working and cooperating on these subjects.
Masticationpedia website is the tool aimed to host and spread this knowledge to an oudience of professionals, researches as well as general public.

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